I have experience doing line and content edits for novels, novellas, and short stories,working with a range of genres within realistic and speculative fiction. 

Line edits include: Checking your work to correct for spelling,grammar,and sentence flow. The goal is to work with your unique writing style and voice to make your work clearer and more coherent. 

Content edits include:Reading for plot and character consistency, narrative progression, and overall reader experience. The goal is to make you're telling the story you set to tell in a way to make sense from an outside perspective. 

I like to give plenty of commentary as I go and I am always available to answer additional questions and do multiple rounds of edits if necessary. 

My pricing is flexible based on the length of the work and whether you're looking for line edits, content edits, or both. Keep in mind that if it is less than 10,000 words I generally charge by the word and if it is a longer work I generally charge by the chapter. Whenever possible, I take a portion of payment up front, and I use PayPal and Venmo.

I do offer a free 500 word editing sample so you can see if the type of editing I do is right for you. Check out my contact page to get in touch.